VACCINATIONS: can help your dog live a longer, healthier life. Vaccinations protect dogs from many viral diseases ranging from sneezing to diarrhea. Marina Animal Hospital will develop the safest possible vaccine schedule to ensure the health of your pet.
ANNUAL/ROUTINE CHECKUPS: At Marina Animal Hospital, we recommend that your Pet receive a comprehensive physical exam at least once a year. Checkups include eye, ear, dental, skin, heart and lungs exams.

PARASITE CONTROL: Worms can affect your pet and might endanger the health of your pet and your family. It could be transmitted from pets to people through infected animal waste. Worms deprive your pet from energy since it compete's for your pet's nutrients, and the danger part of worms is that it might not be obvious that your dog is suffering. Through Marina Animal Hospital care you ensure that worms won't affect your pet through regular routine checkups and vaccinations. In addition, heartworm disease in dogs is spreading by mosquitoes. We offer heartworm testing and prevention at Marina Animal Hospital.
SURGERY: At Marina Animal Hospital, we utilize the highest level of technologies that is designed to minimize any chance of bacterial contamination. Our tools are sterilized in an autoclave at 270 degrees under extreme pressure to ensure the health of your pet. Sample surgeries include Spay and Neuter, perineal urethrostomy,Bladder Stones, exploratory surgeries in Cats and dogs and much more. Contact us today!

X-ray: Dr. Fahmy is professional in utilizing x-ray equipment in very safe manners. X-rays are vital for your pet's health since it helps in detecting bone fractures, bladder stones, finding tumors, and locating foreign material that might have been swallowed by your pet.

At Marina Animal Hospital, we will take care of your pet through many more services we provide such as pet dentistry, dermatology, ultrasound, EKG, and we even take care of your pet's medicine.